Founded in 2013 by Chris Vanderplank (Software Engineer) and Gemma Finn (Website Developer) based in the Norwich, Norfolk area. Intrepid Developer was created to give individuals and small businesses the ability to get their ideas developed into real world applications.

Chris Vanderplank
Chris Vanderplank (BEng Software Engineering)

Born in December of 1988 I gained a passion for computers as soon as I was able to use them. From 8 years old I was playing about in DOS and Gem on an old Black & White Amstrad PC1512. I was gripped from day one and I quickly wanted to learn how to control them.

When the Internet boom happened I was there writing small websites with my school friends in our lunch breaks. This quickly progressed into writing desktop applications though college. By the time I went to University I already had several personal websites running on my very own server. With a passion for all things tech I strive to stay up to date and love playing with my new gadgets when they get released.

This love of technology and computers has led me to found Intrepid Developer as I feel that there is a lack of affordable software development for small business and individuals.

Gemma Finn (Web Developer)

Born in September of 1992 I met Chris in 2012 whilst at University. My interest in Computers and the Web wasn't realised until I went to University. I was elected to run our society's website and ever since then I've been hooked.

I find it fascinating how we can build such interactive and seemingly magical websites to do almost anything we can dream of. I love to build websites that evolve and adapt to whatever device you're using, being able to seamlessly go from desktop to tablet to phone and get a consistent and beautiful experience at every step is truly amazing.

Gemma Finn